Short-term rental: how it works and when it is needed

Short-term rental: how it works and when it is needed

Any particular work needs? Choose our short-term rental service

Short-term rental, or monthly rental, is a service created to satisfy temporary or unexpected needs and has a short duration. An option that is mainly aimed at companies, freelancers And self-employed, but also private

It works similarly to long-term rental, with some significant differences: the contract starts from just a month and offers the possibility of renewal up to a maximum limit pre-established in the contractual phase; you can choose a mileage included or one unlimited (paying by credit card or by direct debit to your bank account). 

Our rental cars are always sanitized and prompt delivery, we offer a home collection and delivery solution (within 15km from our headquarters). Furthermore, our contract provides: stamp, coverage insurance, maintenance And road assistance.  

The short-term rental proposals do not have clauses in terms of termination of the contract, therefore you can return the car whenever you want without the fear of a penalty. 

Why choose a short-term car rental?

Here's why you should choose our short-term rental solution

  • You want more flexibility
  • You don't want duration constraints
  • You are looking for a solution with unlimited mileage
  • You have temporary or unexpected needs and a long-term rental is not convenient for you

Short-term car rental is a service that is well suited to your needs. This way you will no longer have to plan mobility in the long term, as each planning will take place from month to month based on your activity. Take advantage of it now!