Summer is almost here and these days many people are organizing their own vacation. The car rent it can represent an advantageous option from a practical, but above all economic point of view. When we decide to leave for a trip many aspects must be taken into consideration, among these the freedom of being able to move in total autonomy and being able to upset your plans whenever you want is of particular importance. Valmeg, car rental Viterbo and province, provides its customers with cars suitable for every mobility need to undertake family trips or with friends in complete freedom at an advantageous price. 

Why rent a car for holidays?

Why rent a car for holidays?

Many say that the true essence of travel is traveling kilometer after kilometer by car to discover a new place and get lost in the beauty of the landscapes. Jack Kerouac for example he imagined no type of limit between himself and the road and in fact travel it means venturing into new places and what better way to do it than using your own vehicle that allows you to move in total freedom? The short term rental it allows you to enjoy the time available with family or friends, to travel safely, without having to think about things, for example'Car Insurance, to the maintenance costs et al car tax, you can also have access to services road assistance, tire change and all the necessary comforts so that the only thing to worry about is only half to reach. The car rent is the solution that will allow you to travel low cost, in fact you will only have to worry about refueling the car and reaching the preferred half way for yours vacation.

Rent a car it also allows you to enjoy more space as you can choose the model that best suits your needs. In fact, it can happen that for ours vacation as a family we need to carry a lot of suitcases with us, especially when we have children, or we don't want to leave our four-legged friends at home, but our car is small. Rent a car short term will therefore allow you to be able to travel safely and with more space available. 

Travel safely with Valmeg car rental

Travel safely with Valmeg car rental

The events that have occurred in recent months are revolutionizing the way we travel. The social distancing First of all, it has changed our mobility habits, making it necessary to use alternative means of transport. Valmeg, car rental Viterbo and province, provides its customers with cars suitable for every travel need. Whether it's a business trip or a weekend away with your family, from Valmeg you can choose the car or minibus model that best reflects your idea of travel. Also choose the short term rental will allow you to travel safely, sheltered from any unexpected event, without having to think about theCar Insurance or car maintenance costs. Valmeg, in full compliance with current regulations, carries out the sanitization of cars and its premises. The car rental Valmeg it will also make yours low cost travel taking advantage of the incredible rental cost starting from € 9,99 per day. Furthermore Valmeg offers its customers additional services such as:

– home delivery and collection (within 15km from the agency headquarters), 

car rent with child seat,

– portable satellite navigator,

– goods transport trolley,

– approved snow chains, 

– motorcycle loading platform with safety straps.

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