Advantages of short-term rental

Advantages of short-term rental

Advantages of short-term rental

The car rent, in recent years, is becoming an increasingly widespread practice and many people are moving towards its use not only for leisure and work issues, but also as “test-drive” prolonged period preceding the choice of vehicle ownership. Exist 3 different types of car rental contracts: short term, medium term and long term.

There Valmeg Noleggi's formula is short-term, and offers you multiple advantages and services that will make your rental experience truly impeccable.
Let's find out now advantages of short-term rental.

Short term rental agreement

First, the vehicle rental formula involves a contract, in which the customer is offered the possibility of use the chosen vehicle and available without having to purchase it, by paying a fixed agreed instalment which does not undergo changes during the course of the contract.
Furthermore, regardless of car model chosen and by type of power supply (diesel, petrol, methane, LPG, hybrid or electric) is never applied no type of additional charge for maintenance, both ordinary and extraordinary, nor for car insurance coverage, which is included in the contract fee.
The only expense borne by the user is therefore that relating to the cost of fuel and, if they were committed, any fines.

Features of short-term rental

And the most common type of car rental, and consists of the possibility of having a vehicle for a limited period of time.

Through the stipulation of this type of contract it's possible rent a car for a period what's going from a minimum of 1 day to a maximum of 30 days. This mode is certainly the one that, compared to the others, presents the greater flexibility in terms of freedom on the part of the customer to be able to decide precisely how long to extend the duration of the contract, thus allowing the vehicle to be used for real usage needs.

For the contract signature it is essential be in possession of a credit card which is used by rental agencies as solvency guarantee. This payment method allows you to speed up the time of signing the contract and delivery of the car. In fact, you need to pay attention to those who offer rental options without a credit card: it represents a guarantee for both parties.

As a rule, the return of the vehicle takes place in the same location where the car was collected, even if it is possible to agree, when signing the contract, the home collection of the car. The vehicle must be returned in the same condition as when it was delivered, including fuel replenishment.
As anticipated, the fee includes insurance coverage and vehicle maintenance and, if necessary, also a replacement car with similar characteristicsin case of mechanical problems.

When is it best to opt for a short-term rental?

The short term rental it's a mobility solution which is well suited in those situations in which you are forced to reorganize and plan your movements with a certain frequency. It is a service that is often used by companies, freelancers, and during holiday periods.

For companies this is an excellent solution for providing a car to their employees who have to make business trips, even for a few days, outside the office or when it is necessary to have private means of transport for company events that require the movement of participants.

For freelancers, opting for this solution is extremely advantageous and convenient especially by virtue of the fact that, carrying out a dynamic job, they do not necessarily have to have a car for their work trips every day.

During the holiday periods it is certainly the most convenient and comfortable solution for tourists who decide to reach the destination of the trip by train or plane but wish to have a car to visit the surroundings in total autonomy, without having to face a long and expensive journey in their own car.

Short term car rental is one versatile and flexible mobility solution, a perfect formula in different circumstances. Among mobility solutions, short-term rental is one of the most flexible options ever, in fact it allows you to benefit from advantages of long-term rental but without any restriction regarding the duration of the contract.
Various services are included within the short-term car rental fee:

  • maintenance;
  • RCA insurance;
  • theft and fire insurance;
  • road assistance.

Short term van rental

In the case of short-term rental of vans, the choice may be due to particular needs, such as a moving or transporting heavy material. Given the type of vehicles, there are companies specializing in van rental, which they usually offer greater insurance coverage compared to what happens for short-term car rental. An example is the presence of total coverage, which eliminates the charge in case of fire, theft or damage to the vehicle. Formulas designed, therefore, to guarantee greater serenity for the customer.

The requirements for short-term rental

Let's start, however, from the most obvious question that each of us asks ourselves when considering short-term rental. What requirements do I have to meet? Two elements are needed: a driving license and a credit card.

Short Term Rental, prices

Another important and certainly interesting point is represented by short-term rental prices.
What determines short-term rental prices?
There are, above all, three factors that constitute the more or less low rate:

  • there vehicle category choice
  • there rental duration
  • The mileage

As regards category and kilometres, the price rises proportionally to the customer's choice, while for the duration of the short-term rental the situation is the opposite: if the rentals are longer, the daily price drops.

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