The advantages of renting a Mercedes B-Class

Advantages of short-term rental Mercedes B class

The advantages of renting a Mercedes B-Class

There Mercedes B-Class it has always been one machine with a certain elegance, agile and easy to lead with fluidity, perfect for a business trip or in the company of your family and to never make a bad impression. The main strengths are the Euro 6 diesel engine, The automatic gearbox and size, as the cabin has the space you would expect from a mid-sized MPV with advanced features.

The more arched shape of the roof and the smooth sides give the third generation of the Mercedes B-Class an elegant and sober appearance. The vehicle has a dual-clutch robotic gearbox.

In the passenger compartment of the Mercedes B-Class the virtual instrumentation enclosed in a single rectangular element, which contains two screens 7" or 10.25". Provides a lot of information clearly. It is connected to the instrumentation the MBUX infotainment system which has extensive vocal capabilities: for example, allows you to vary the temperature set by the air conditioner or locate restaurants in the area. Also noteworthy is the augmented reality navigator: when approaching turns and intersections, the maps show the image of the road taken by the car's front camera, with the names of the streets and the direction to take superimposed. As expected from a Mercedes, the quality of the materials and assembly is excellent.

The driving position of the Mercedes B-Class, nine centimeters higher than that of the A-Class, is comfortable above all to the seat padding, and in the car under test complete with extensive electrical adjustments and a massage function. As for space, it is not lacking at all; It's a shame that the 18cm high and 14cm wide bulge in the floor is a hindrance to the feet of those sitting in the center of the sofa. The trunk, with a squared access and the threshold 62 cm from the ground, is easily accessible and has a decent capacity for a minivan: 445 litres, which rises to 1530 if you give up the rear seats. When driving, comfort is required above all in a minivan. In this respect the Mercedes B 220 d Premium DCT does not disappoint at all: it is well insulated from potholes and noises, the gearbox selects the eight ratios smoothly and the steering is light. In addition, the B-Class adds an uncommon agility when tackling corners. For this type of car, body roll is contained, steering is precise and, thanks to the maxi 225/45 R 18 tyres, stability is high. Helped by the promptness of the gearbox, the 190 horsepower of the new 2.0 turbodiesel responds promptly and fluidly (within reach the excellent time of 7.2 seconds for "0-100" and the maximum speed of 234 km/h). In the presence of semi-autonomous driving systems, in certain situations the B-Class can also proceed alone: the driver just has to keep his hands on the steering wheel.

Mercedes B-Class advantages

  • Finishes. They are of remarkable quality.
  • Guide. Agility is at an excellent level for a minivan
  • Instrumentation. It is futuristic and with advanced features

If the exterior of the Mercedes B-Class immediately stands out, the interior is no different. The passenger compartment has been completely redesigned and is clearly inspired by that of the A-Class. The driver sits 90 millimeters higher than its smaller "sister", while the dashboard features a full-width double digital display in addition to the air vents. aeronautical recall. Present on Mbux infotainment system equipped with voice-controlled virtual assistant.
The internal space is very good, not only for those traveling behind (primarily thanks to the generous wheelbase) but also for luggage, for which a load compartment is reserved with a capacity that in standard configuration offers a capacity of 445 litres.
What is most striking about the design of the Mercedes B-Class is the look in line with the latest cars from the German company. The front has undergone a notable transformation and now adopts a style similar to that of the A-Class with thin and sharp headlights that embrace the large grille where the three-pointed star logo stands out in the centre.
The side is particularly clean, with soft lines and a belt line that rises towards the rear, while the front pillars stand out for the fluidity of the connection between the bonnet and the roof. In general, however, despite having shapes and proportions typically typical of minivans, a category now almost extinct, supplanted by the increasingly popular SUVs, the B-Class sports a fresh and dynamic look, which well hides the real internal volume of the car.

However, he also inherited from his sisters refinement, elegance and attention to detail, as well as excellent acoustic comfort and more. Thanks to aexcellent suspension calibrationIn fact, the Mercedes B-Class is agile and confident through the curves, but it is also comfortable and compliant on potholes, without ever being too soft. The platform shared with the pleasant A-Class entails a excellent driveability, especially with the most powerful engines in the range, but without compromising comfort. At motorway speeds, the B-Class proves to be an excellent road driver, with great stability at high speeds and excellent silence on long journeys. The modern engines, the excellent quality of the interiors and the great technological equipment complete the picture of a modern, comfortable, refined car, but also agile and pleasant to drive, which, if the right options are chosen, can satisfy even the most demanding.

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