Tips for making the best use of air conditioning

Air conditioning cleaning

Tips for making the best use of air conditioning

Often, both in summer and winter, motorists do a incorrect and improper use of air conditioning. However, it is very important for a peaceful and relaxing journey, avoiding temperature changes and unpleasant odors derived from the lack of cleaning the air filter. For this reason, here is a list of tips for correct use of air conditioning.

Car entrance
Very often, when we leave the car in the sun, when we return it is so hot that we can't even grip the steering wheel.
The first thing to do, therefore, is roll down all windows for a few minutes, or open the passenger side door and open and close the driver's door a few times.
Only then is it possible turn on the air conditioning, in such a way as to do the hot air comes out And speed up the car cooling process. If the air conditioning is manual, must turn the fan on to maximum and, for a minute, internal air circulation.
It must then drive for a couple of minutes with all the windows down, so as to let out all the remaining hot air.
The worst way to leave is get on board and turn on the system immediately to the utmost. Try to lower the temperature only with the air conditioner It takes time and puts a strain on the system.
A perfect time to turn on the air conditioning it is the morning: during the first hours of the day, in fact, the humidity can be very high; turning on the air conditioning eliminates the risk of the windows fogging up and at the same time dries the passenger compartment. It is therefore not necessary to wait for high temperatures to turn on the air conditioner.
As soon as you start the engine, it's fine turn on the air conditioner, directing the air flow towards the lower part of the passenger compartment. This operating mode is useful both in winter, when the engine is cold and therefore the heating is not yet active in the first minutes, and in summer, when, after leaving the car in the sun, the air that passes it would feed a very hot jet into the ducts inside the red-hot dashboard. When the conditioned air responds better to the user's wishes, the fan increases speed and the air can also be directed towards the central vents or the windscreen.
A consequence of the above is that, after starting the car, it is completely no need to constantly change the temperature hoping so reach the desired climate in less time. The best solution is use the air conditioner at temperatures between 19 and 22°C in summer and between 22° and 25° in winter, so as to achieve the desired comfort in any case with corrections of one or two degrees.

When to activate the air recirculation function?

The use of recirculation must be limited to a few situations of actual annoyance and risk such as sections with heavy pollution. You should never use it in the belief that you will prevent hot air from entering from the outside.

When the heat is truly unbearable, we often make the mistake of lowering the air conditioner temperature too much. This practice is unhealthy and leads to greater fuel consumption. The ideal temperature to maintain in the car is between 20° and 25° centigrade, and the difference with the outside temperature should not exceed 6°.

Direction of Air Conditioning Vents
The direction of the vents is very important, especially for our health. After eating, for example, it is not recommended to direct the jet of air conditioning towards the abdomen and face: the air conditioning could cause nervous and muscular contractures.

Remember to always recharge your car's air conditioning and regularly clean the air conditioning system once a year.
It is necessary check the air conditioning filter. If it is clogged, the system performs poorly: it must be replaced every 15,000-20,000 kilometers, depending on the type of roads that are traveled on. Recharging the car air conditioner serves instead restore the quantity of refrigerant gas.
Postpone air maintenance it means also risk having bad odors in the passenger compartment. This is why it is important replace the pollen filter at the scheduled deadlines or at least once a year. If the filter becomes clogged it risks becoming a block to air circulation, even with the fan at maximum. There are three factors that contribute to the formation of unpleasant odors in the air conditioning system:

  • The presence of bacteria in the evaporator;
  • The oxidation of aluminium;
  • The possible presence of tobacco residues in smokers' cars.

Manufacturing industries often resort to substances that prevent the formation of bacteria and metal corrosion, but the treatment is not always effective for the entire life of the car. To solve the problem, many workshops have specific sprays to wash and deodorize the inside of the evaporator and, in some cases, even capable of sterilize the system.

Car maintenance cost

The verification operation is quick and not too expensive for the systems of the most popular cars in circulation: from around €20 to €50 if carried out regularly and there are no components to replace.

We at Valmeg Noleggi we carry out on our cars periodic checks on the air conditioning system and the other components of the car. Thanks to constant maintenance we can offer you advantages and services that make every journey comfortable and worry-free.

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