Short term car rental

Short Term Rental Valmeg Montalto di Castro

Short term car rental

The short term rental represents a constantly growing phenomenon in the Italian mobility panorama. It represents the ideal solution for those who, for work reasons or simply to travel, do not need a car 24 hours a day, every day of the week. In fact, both private individuals and companies, thanks to the short term rental, they will be able to use means of transport suited to their needs, enjoying notable advantages, for example without having to think about car maintenance costs ol'Car Insurance. Based on the estimates of' National Association of the car rental and automotive services industry in Italy in 2014, for example, 4.4 million people took advantage of the short term rental.

What are the advantages of short-term rental

Until a few years ago, citizens essentially had two options available to move from one place to another: using public transport or owning a car. Nowadays, however, it is possible to meet our mobility needs through various tools, among these certainly the most advantageous is represented by short term rental. In fact, it may happen that you need an independent means of transport to travel or for business trips, or for short periods of time. But why rent a car short term? First of all because it allows us to choose from many models the car best suited to our needs and personal tastes for short periods of time, i.e. for a single day or several days up to a maximum of a month. Furthermore the short term rental allows you to travel without having to think about countless issues related to car ownership, such as'Car Insurance, car tax, devaluation of the vehicle, tire change oh car maintenance costs, the latter are in fact included in the rental cost. The short term rental represents an advantageous solution for small and large companies, which may have temporary mobility needs that cannot be managed through the long term rental. In fact, it may happen that you need to have a means of transport for a specific project or for a small business trip, events which in fact do not make the long term rental an ideal solution. The short term rental offers advantages especially to young companies, the so-called Start Ups, which do not have a consolidated balance sheet and therefore would not have their credit approved to take advantage of the long term rental or of leasing.

Short-term rental Valmeg

How many times have we traveled and used numerous public transports to reach our destination, perhaps carrying many suitcases with us and making various changes of transport? To make your trips, whether for pleasure or work, much more comfortable, choose Rental Valmeg to Montalto di Castro And Canine (VT). At ours car rental you will find vans, minibuses and cars suitable for all your needs, for simple trips in urban areas or for traveling hundreds of kilometers on the motorway. ValmegUpon request, it offers its customers numerous services such as:

– portable satellite navigator,

– goods transport trolley,

– child seat,

– motorcycle loading platform with safety straps,

– approved snow chains,

– home delivery and collection (service offered within 15 km of the agency headquarters).

Rental Valmeg is synonymous with guarantee as the efficiency of each vehicle is ensured to be able to carry out your journeys in total safety.


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