Advantages of renting a Fiat Talento

Short term rental

Advantages of renting a Fiat Talento

The period of Christmas holidays and trips out of town in the company of friends and family is approaching.

To avoid leaving anyone out, the perfect solution is to rent our Fiat Talento, a 9-seater perfect for spending weekends and weeks away from home. Short-term rental you will not need to travel with multiple cars, thus being able to save on fuel and highway costs.
A real guarantee for your travels!
A name given not by chance, which recalls the value, versatility and performance qualities of the vehicle.
Functionality and convenience: it is the combination on which Fiat wanted to concentrate to guarantee its customers a product suitable for all needs, offering a wide range of setups and solutions.

The characteristics of Fiat Talento

In addition to the available seats, this van maintains 2 m2 of space for all luggage, has good ergonomics and offers all the controls within easy reach.
Let's see his technical features:

  • Euro 6 diesel engine
  • Manual transmission
  • Comfortable and versatile

but above all SAFE: ABS with EBD and HBA
The anti-lock system (ABS) integrated into the braking system prevents the wheels from slipping regardless of the road surface and the intensity of braking.
EBD, electronic brake force distribution, divides the braking force between the front and rear axles to optimize its efficiency.
The integrated hydraulic brake booster (HBA). analyzes braking speed and increases its intensity depending on the pressure of your foot on the accelerator.
As for the interior, i ergonomic seats they guarantee maximum comfort for all passengers, while the steering wheel and controls are positioned in such a way as to ensure relaxed driving.
The side view is also wide: thanks to the ViewPlusMirror, the rear-view mirror in the sun visor, the size of the blind spot is reduced.

You can also sing throughout the journey and listen to your favorite songs thanks to the New Generation Bluetooth® radio

This radio offers the possibility of listening to high quality music and stay focused on driving thanks to the Bluetooth interface. On the device, which does not have a CD player, a USB reader is available (MP3, WMA and AAC audio format) which allows quick access to smartphones, tablets, mp3 players or digital archives.

Rent Fiat Talento now

Our service is simple to use: you can check vehicle availability directly from the site and rent the Fiat Talento comfortably from home.

Book your Fiat Talento van now with Noleggio Valmeg
and also take advantage of the other services we offer you:

If you are within 15 km of our agency headquarters and you don't have time or desire to collect your rental car from us we'll bring it to you and we'll come get it back.

If you want to go for a ride in the mountains We will provide you with the kit with chains snow boots approved and easy to assemble.

What are our payment methods?

Although many prefer to use car rental services without a credit card, we, for ensure security, transparency and trust, we ask for your card details to offer you a worry-free experience. In fact, paying by credit card offers guarantees and protections for both parties. Be wary of anyone who offers you to pay for your car rental without asking for a credit card. It is necessary to guarantee the vehicle entrusted to you, it constitutes proof of solvency and a security deposit is authorized on it.

You choose your destination and rent Fiat Talento we'll take care of the rest.