Jeep Renegade rental for a trip safe from unexpected events

Jeep Renegade short term rental

Jeep Renegade rental for a trip safe from unexpected events

The advantages of renting a Jeep Renegade are many: the SUV is compact, reliable and safe, both in the city and on dirt roads and on every type of road, so much so that its performance never disappoints. With dimensions also compatible with city use, the new Jeep Renegade combines a true off-road look, in line with the philosophy of the brand.
In fact, from an aesthetic point of view it is characterized by squared lines on the outside. Inside the Jeep Renegade, dark colors dominate, enlivened by aluminum-colored details.
The pockets in the doors are roomy, the number of storage compartments is abundant and the right drawer is spacious and has a key lock.
Plus, the new multimedia system is rich and intuitive: comes with Dab radio as standard, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

In relation to the 423 cm length of the bodywork, space on board is abundant; furthermore, the raised bodywork of the Jeep Renegade does not affect the handling, which is excellent even on roads full of curves: it is also up to the task steering, ready and precise.
In the tunnel, behind the short gear lever, there are the electronic handbrake rocker and the buttons to exclude the ESP and the Stop&Start system. The easily readable dashboard is made up of two analogue instruments and a large central color screen which provides a variety of information on the vehicle.

For a car that is more than four meters in length, the car is really spacious. The internal passenger compartment is very welcoming, thanks to the remarkable level of finish and the surfaces covered in soft plastic even in the rear part of the car. The environment is, in general, airy, due to the height of the vehicle's roof, which makes even very long journeys pleasant and enjoyable. The seats are well profiled: you sit comfortably high up and there are ample adjustments (seat belts included).

Despite the height and distance from the ground, the trunk is functional and has a loading platform that can be fixed at two different heights; to stow long objects you can lower not only the backrest of the rear seats, but also the front right seat.
Even the opening, large, square and with the regular shape of the Jeep Renegade compartment, allows you to easily exploit the 351 liters of capacity.

In the city
The square bodywork and slightly sloping glass surfaces of the Jeep Renegade they favor visibility and evaluation of overall dimensions, at least in front and laterally. Behind, however, there are distance sensors to lend a hand. There engine readiness and the maneuverability of the manual gearbox help with sprinting, and consumption - thanks also to the Stop&Start - is not high. There high driving position it helps you see far away and the distance sensors help when manoeuvring.

Out of town
The Jeep Renegade doesn't lean too much to one side when taking corners with determination. To the good characteristics of steering promptness and precision it is accompanied by powerful braking, and the liveliness of the engine does not disappoint, pushing with good progression right from 1500 rpm.

Choose our Jeep Renegade model Euro 6 diesel engine with manual gearbox, comfortable for longer journeys thanks to the large boot and 5 seats to accommodate the whole family.

This model is the ideal SUV for those looking for an adventure, not just a trip.
Renting a car with Noleggio Valmeg is one guarantee for your trip safe from unexpected events!
The short-term rental of the Jeep Renegade is also perfect for a trip to the mountains: us we also provide you with the kit with chains snow boots approved and easy to assemble.