The advantages of renting a Fiat Panda

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The advantages of renting a Fiat Panda

If you want rent a car short term versatile and functional for both city and off-road driving, the Fiat Panda is the perfect choice for you.
In fact, when we talk about sedans, our thoughts can only fall on the Fiat Panda. Increasingly loved by Italian drivers, it is one comfortable and stylish car, suitable for accompanying you on every daily journey and on long journeys. The restylings bring it up to date both in design and content: the interior fittings improve from generation to generation, not to mention theinfotainment.
If you are looking for asmall but dynamic car, the one that will come to mind first is undoubtedly the Fiat Panda. The design of this model has always been fresh and elegant, and its engines even more fun!
The Fiat Panda was born as a city car, one city car with a length of 3.65 meters, in which it is possible accommodate up to 5 people. The trunk has a capacity of 200 litres when the seats are in the normal position, but if you fold down the rear seats you can get a capacity of load more than doubled compared to the norm (845 litres).

It is a'comfortable and versatile car, suitable for the most disparate situations.
Over the years, in addition to having presented different engines and different trim levels, Fiat has also enriched the Panda with some versions all-wheel drive and 4×4, which allow the small Fiat Panda to plow through even the most difficult terrain and move easily on the dirt road, as well as in difficult driving conditions such as those encountered with snow or icy roads.
Access to the passenger compartment is convenient for all seats, but this is nothing new for the Turin city car. What is most appreciated is the liveliness of the interior, with different stylistic motifs that recall the "squircle" (or supercircle) shapes that also characterize external parts such as the grille, air intakes, bumper strips and third window. Also seats are upholstered in good quality, brightly colored fabrics.

Two very comfortable internal elements are the large pocket in front of the passenger, to conveniently store objects, and it door in front of the passenger seat, practical and design. Nothing to complain about driving position, comfortable and raised of the new Fiat Panda. The clutch pedal and steering are not tiring either, especially by activating the city function which significantly relieves the steering wheel below 35 km/h. Good too visibility and the reduced turning diameter, which help reduce "traffic stress"; in addition, on the tram tracks and on the cobblestones you can appreciate the good suspension comfort. Low noise closes the circle: thanks to the good soundproofing and the 1.2 four-cylinder petrol engine, which doesn't raise its voice too much in normal use.
The "milledue" has adequate performance for a car of this category, but rather than for its thrust it is appreciated for its regularity of operation.

When driving brilliantly, the new Fiat Panda proves to be agile, and the sensation of cornering is also appreciated solidity transmitted by the steering, prompt and precise.

To avoid being distracted while driving, the wheel controls located on the sides of the steering wheel, which have the function of varying the volume of the stereo, changing the radio stations and managing both the hands-free and Bluetooth.

Well manoeuvrable five-speed gearbox, thanks to the raised position of the lever, whose rounded square-shaped knob does not disturb the grip.

All the advantages of the Fiat Panda

  • Comfort. The engine runs smoothly, and the cabin is well soundproofed. Furthermore, the high driving position and light clutch and steering reduce fatigue in the city chaos of rush hour.
  • Line. The Turin city car has livelier shapes than the old model. The interior is anything but austere too.
  • Ease of handling. The new Panda navigates traffic well and, when manoeuvring, is appreciated for the good visibility it offers.
  • Steering wheel controls. The wheels for adjusting volume and radio stations (in addition to the CD player and Bluetooth telephone) are very practical.
  • Storage. The "big pocket" compartment in the upper part of the dashboard is excellent for quickly storing objects and the one below is large and versatile.

Enjoy it functionality of the Fiat Panda combined with the advantages of Valmeg Noleggi:

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