5 tourist destinations to discover near Montalto di Castro

5 tourist destinations to discover near Montalto di Castro

Have you rented your car online and now you're not sure which destinations to choose for your holiday in Tuscia? We have selected some destinations that are absolutely worth visiting very close to us, continue reading them to discover all their incredible archaeological, artistic and naturalistic charm.

Devil's Bridge

The Devil's Bridge, also known as the Abbadia Bridge, is a magnificent Etruscan construction that allowed the Fiora river to be crossed and an aqueduct supported.
Legend has it that it was built in a single night thanks to the powers of the Devil, who raised this imposing structure about 30 meters high which shows us the magnificent valley around the Fiora River.
Its beauty made it the protagonist in various artistic works, such as that of Giuseppe Ungaretti: “Viaggetto in Etruria“.

The Tarot Garden

A majestic work of art inspired by Antoni Gaudí's Parque Guell in Barcelona and the Bomarzo garden a few minutes from Montalto di Castro. The sculptor, Niki de Saint Phalle, began the construction of the Tarot Garden in 1979, identifying the magical and spiritual dream of her life, dedicated for almost 20 years to the construction of the twenty-two imposing figures in steel and concrete covered with glass, mirrors and ceramics colourful.

Vulci and its archaeological park

Vulci is an ancient Etruscan city built on a plateau of approximately 120 hectares and lapped by the Fiora river. It was one of the largest city-states of Etruria, with a strong maritime and commercial development.

Its Naturalistic Archaeological Park, well known and appreciated, will show its visitors the archaeological excavations of the ancient Etruscan-Roman metropolis of Vulci, the noble Etruscan tombs, the finds exhibited in the National Archaeological Museum, all immersed in nature with uncontaminated features , which offers ever-changing colours, sounds and emotions

Guglielmi Castle

The Guglielmi Castle dominates the city of Montalto di Castro

The castle is next to the walls of the Municipality on one side, its oldest nucleus is made up of the imposing quadrangular tower.
Probably built in the 15th century by the Orsini, as we find on the plaque in the tower, the castle subsequently underwent numerous renovations. At the end of the 18th century it was raised by one floor and in the last century the loggia and the current battlements were added. Absolutely worth visiting!

Fiora River Pier

Last but not least, the Fiora River pier. Treat yourself to pleasant walks to admire the river and the sea into which it flows, especially during sunset. The river has always been navigable since the times of the ancient Etruscans who went to Vulci.
On the Fiora River Pier there are docks and moorings for local fishermen's boats and for pleasure boating.

Now your itinerary will be even richer with these must-visit places!