Car rental without credit card, let's clarify

Car rental without credit card, let's clarify

You will surely have come across offers of car rental without credit card, do you know what it is? Whether it's about short term rental or medium and long term rental, today it is possible to rent using other payment methods equally valid. 

Let's clarify right away that obviously it is not possible to rent a car by paying in cash, but renting without a credit card involves a small difference when collecting the car. 

In fact, when renting a car online, normally you would be asked for a credit card such as warranty upon delivery for payment and for the security deposit.
With the formula without a credit card, however, this step is no longer necessary, making everything much simpler for those who decide to rent a car for their holidays or trips.  

In this case, we accept: 

  • Debit cards
  • ATM 
  • Nominal rechargeable cards equipped with chip, IBAN and PIN code

These must cover the cost of rental and security deposit.

In any case, the payment method used must necessarily be nominal And paid by the main driver, who will have to show a driver's license currently valid and a identity document or a passport.

It is possible to request a rental without a credit card for both cars and vans.

If you don't have a credit card and you think this is the solution best suited to your needs, request a quote or rent your car online and discover our short-term car and van rental offers.