Our advice for a green drive

Our advice for a green drive

More and more people are choosing to take specific actions to have less impact on our planet, even when traveling by car.
So, whether it's travel, travel for work, moving or any other motivation, we have decided to give you some small suggestions for green and sustainable driving. Keep reading.


A simple thing to save on fuel consumption and reduce emissions? Definitely driving at a controlled and constant speed, being careful to press on the accelerator and brake! In addition to reducing the risk of accidents, statistics reveal that a constant speed of around 80km/h leads to the 25% consuming less than those driving at high speeds, with continuous acceleration and braking.

Prepare the car as best as possible

Making sure your car is properly maintained before a trip can play a very important role in saving fuel consumption.
By choosing to rent a car for your travels you won't have to worry about maintenance. We at Valmeg Noleggio are committed to entrusting our cars and vans in the best conditions, with constant maintenance on the tyres, fluids or the engine itself.

Plan your trips well

The saying "go where your heart takes you" is true, especially during a pleasure trip, but if you want to reduce emissions and consumption, detailed route planning is worth it! So, study your destinations first and plan everything as best as possible so as not to go the wrong way.  

Google maps for sustainable driving

The function that allows all motorists to select green routes with respect to their destination, in order to have less impact on the environment, has finally debuted on Google Maps. It is also possible to enter the type of engine (petrol, diesel, electric and hybrid) to obtain personalized and even more precise indications.

The "eco-route" of Maps now offers the user a wider choice on the road to take, not only faster routes or with or without tolls, but also those which, according to the algorithms of the application and the data provided by the European Environmental Agency, have less impact on the environment.

And if you are looking for a car that fits your sustainability needs, contact us or visit our website to find out about our proposals.