Regenerating weekend in the Maremma Laziale

Regenerating weekend in the Maremma Laziale

There Maremma Lazio it is an area steeped in history and rich in nature, the ideal place for a weekend of pure relaxation. There are many places to visit, we have selected 3, let's discover them together.


Capalbio is a small village nicknamed "the last town of the Maremma", where it is possible to visit various tourist attractions, such as the Tarot Garden, a unique place, expertly crafted taking inspiration from Park Guell in Barcelona and the Bomarzo Monster Park.

It is characterized by 22 sculptures up to 15 meters high, made of steel and concrete and covered with mirrors, glass and colored ceramics, which represent, in fact, the tarot arcana.

Abbadia Castle

The Medieval Castle of the Abbadia, reachable through the spectacular Devil's Bridge from which you can enjoy a truly suggestive panorama, it was built in the medieval era (12th century) by Cistercian monks on the remains of an ancient abbey dedicated to S. Mamiliano.
Over time it became an important stronghold and welcoming center for all pilgrims and travellers, including the Knights Templar.

The archaeological park of Vulci

Inside this large park you can admire the large volcanic canyons, the famous Mediterranean scrub and visit the remains ofancient city of Vulci, one of the most important Etruscan-Roman cities in Etruria.

On the opposite bank of the river, there is the Etruscan Necropolis, which houses thousands of tombs among which the precious François Tomb stands out which is accessed through a long corridor, the Tomb of the Inscriptions and the imposing Cuccumella mound.
A final unmissable stop inside the Archaeological Park of Vulci is the suggestive one Pellicone lake, set of important films.

Bonus: Montalto di Castro

We couldn't fail to mention the town that hosts us, famous for its charm Guglielmi Castle with her quadrangular tower covered with a magnificent carpet of ivy and a welcoming historic center full of history and pleasant views.
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